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Monthly Shelter Statistics

Below you will find two graphs, depicting this month's Intake and Outcome statistics for MCAS. The first shows the number of cats/kittens and dogs/puppies that came into the shelter. The second shows the outcome of every animal that left the shelter, broken down into the manner in which they left (adoption, rescue, owner reclaim, transfers to Placement Partners, or euthanasia). The euthanasia statistics are further broken down into categories, showing the reason the animal was euthanized (illness/injury, age-too young to survive on its own, breed, behavior, or space).

Mobile County Animal Control is required by law to pick up all stray dogs. It also impounds animals identified as sick or injured. In 2009, the County built a new shelter to provide better outcomes for abandoned animals. The new shelter provides more and better kennels and offers the public a convenient and updated facility for adoptions. We hope we can lower our euthanasia rates by increasing public adoptions, assisting owners with lost pets, strengthening our partnerships with rescue groups, as well as building new partnerships.

MCAS will continue to publish this information every month. Feel free to share this post, and remember, homeless animals are a very real problem, and we all have to work together if we hope to make a difference in our community.

Opt to Adopt or visit the shelter to volunteer. Remember, you won't find a better friend than a shelter animal! 

To help with our shelter pets, please volunteer by clicking here.