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Animal Control

Mobile County Animal Control

Thank you for visiting the Mobile County Animal Control page. From this page, you can learn about our state-mandated responsibilities, as well as view the many animals available for adoption through our Mobile County Animal Shelter. Click here for Adoptions Page.

Mobile County Animal Control has worked extremely hard over the past 5 years to increase our live release rate. We are pleased to announce that with the help of our awesome adopters, many dedicated Placement Partners, and our caring staff that this year we are on track to achieve more than a 90% live release rate! More than 1,500 dogs have been rescued, adopted, or reclaimed. We couldn’t do it without the help of everyone. Thank you!

The Mobile County Animal Department consists of the Animal Shelter and Animal Control Field Operation Divisions. The department works in partnership with the community to create a safe, healthy, and caring environment for both the citizens and the animals while promoting citizen safety, responsible pet ownership, shelter pet adoptions, and education in the reduction of animal overpopulation.


The primary responsibility of the Mobile County Animal Control division is to enforce the Mobile County's animal control ordinances or the Alabama state statutes in the Mobile County unincorporated communities, specifically impounding dogs roaming at large and investigation of other animal issue violations or abuse. This is required by Alabama law to protect the health and safety of our citizens as well as the animals (The Reverence For All Life).  Most of the dogs picked up are abandoned animals left to their own resources to survive on the streets. These animals live in harsh environmental conditions, scavenging for food and are subject to serious illnesses and injuries. We are required to pick up these animals and place them on a seven-day hold that would allow an owner, if there is one, to reunite with them.

The Code Of Alabama Title 3-1-5 is to issue warnings/citations to pet owners who let their dogs run freely. The Dangerous Dog Act 2012-235 requires the Animal Control officers to impound dogs with severe physical injuries, that have established a pattern of being a nuisance, or ones that damage the property of others.

Animal Control Officers also investigate cases of domestic animal abuse and neglect. Often, the reports come in from the public. Officers respond to all cases reported to them. If there is probable cause to believe that an animal is at risk, the Officers will immediately open an investigation. These investigations can lead to prosecution by the District Attorney, and it is the job of the Animal Control Officers to testify in court regarding their findings.

Approximately 2400 animals are brought into the Mobile County Animal Shelter on an annual basis. Many of the animals are either strays, abused animals,  or animals of the owners in violation of the State or Local laws. A  growing number of the animals are relinquished by their owners who are either unable or unwilling to care for them any longer. The Animal Shelter division is responsible  for the day to day operations of the department and it’s primary responsibilities includes the intake, processing, cleaning and care of the animals on a daily basis, adoptions, owner reclaims, partnering with the community and out of state established 501 c (3) rescue groups, lost/found assistance, and marketing. Unfortunately, there are more animals abandoned in Mobile County than there are homes to adopt them.  Please Opt-To-Adopt! There is nothing more loving or loyal than a shelter pet.


The Mobile County Animal Control Department strives to educate the community through:

  • Educational discussions with students at elementary schools on dog behavior and how to prevent dog bites.
  • Offering tours of the shelter to schools and organizations.
  • Attending Community meetings within the unincorporated areas of Mobile County to address the residents concerns about animal issues within their community

Hours of Operation

Monday through Friday from 10:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.

Saturday at 10:00 A.M. to 2:00 P.M.

Closed:  On designated County/State/Federal Holidays

Note*** During closed hours, an Animal Control Officer is on Stand-by Duty to respond to any emergency calls which are considered to be an extreme emergency such as listed below.

  • Dog or cat bites that break the skin, which occurred on the same day as the call (unless the animal is confined)
  • Animal Abuse/Cruelty (if the animal is in distress or immediate danger)
  • Stray dog on a highway, busy street and interfering with a commercial business
  • Loose, aggressive dog
  • A sick or injured stray dog ( unless an animal is with a skin condition or body defect)

Animal Control Advisory Board

Purpose of the Board:

Established by the Mobile County Commissioners, the Animal Control Advisory Board advises the Commissioners on all matters pertaining to animal control and the shelter in the unincorporated areas of Mobile County.  The Board holds quarterly meetings to take public comments, discuss animal matters, and make recommendations to the Commissioners on animal care and control issues.  The County Humane Officer and the Public Service Director serve as Technical Advisors to the Board. 

Major Board Activities:

The Board takes part in many issues related to animals, particularly those addressing the health, welfare, and safety of animals and the residents in our community.  Some of the principal matters members focus on includes:

  • Strategic planning for the animal care and control services program; enhancing enforcement capabilities; increasing animal adoptions, return to owners (reclaims), rescues; expanding public education; and projecting and prioritizing capital needs.
  • Reviewing and making recommendations on Mobile County ordinances/ State laws related to animals.
  • Promoting the safe and healthy use of public spaces by pets and pet owners

Board Meetings:

Meetings are generally held quarterly in the small conference room at the Jon Archer Agricultural Center located at 1070 Schillinger Road North, Mobile, AL  36608.