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Historical Bids

Bid No. Bid Item Bid Date
MCR-2018-010 Resurfacing of Three Notch - Kroner Road  6/3/2020
MCR-2018-102, MCR-2018-103, MCR-2018-105 & MCR-2018-108 Resurfacing Chickasaw, Citronelle, Mt Vernon & Satsuma Streets 7/31/2019
MCR-2016-105 & CIP-2017-012 Mt. Vernon Streets & Sam Jones Ave/Railroad St 7/3/2019
MCR-2018-009 Padgett Switch 2/6/2019
MCR-2016-010 Roger Phillips Road 12/19/2018
MCR-2016-008 Boe Road Resurfacing 6/27/2018
MCR-2016-012 Brannon Road Resurfacing 4/11/2018
MCR-2016-303 Dauphin Island Streets 3/21/2018
MCR-2014-008 Snow Road North and South 10/19/2016
MCR-2012-210/MCR-2012-309 Intersection Improvements at Westside Park 7/27/2016
MCR-2014-009 Henderson Camp Road 7/20/2016
STPAA-4915(250) Dawes Rd. - Three Notch-Kroner Rd. - Scott Dairy Loop Rd. S. 3/25/2016
MCR-2008-501 Salt Aire Road 3/27/2013
MCR-2010-001 Grand Bay Wilmer Road 3/21/2012
MCR-2008-407 Fernland & Nelson Roads 8/4/2010
MCR-2008-012 Ben Hamilton Road 5/12/2010
MCR-2004-116 Averett Road, Patrick Road & John Patrick Road 3/17/2010
MCR-2004-120 Patillo Rd Widening and Resurfacing 11/23/2005
Bid No. Bid Item Bid Date
MCR-2014-206 BOHANNON HUB MOR 07/29/2020
MCR-2014-005 WEST LAKE ROAD NORTH 06/11/2020
MCR-2018-104 City of Creola City Streets 04/29/2020
MCR-2016-203 Albert Evans  04/08/2020
MCR-2018-283 Mobile County Soccer Complex Road  03/25/2020
MCR-2018-109 Glenway Drive 03/11/2020
MCR-2010-305 Wright Road and Wright Alley  10/09/2019
MCR-2014-307 Jackson Road, Pineview Avenue, & South Street 8/21/2019
MCR-2016-206 Randolph Foster Road 4/24/2019
MCR-2016-308 Johnson Road 2/13/2019
MCR-2014-106B Glendale Street/Place 1/9/2019
MCR-2014-304 Christian Acres Ct, Christian Acres Rd, Crepe Myrtle Rd and Dodge Rd 10/31/2018
MCR-2014-109 Markris Circle and St Nicholas Drive 10/10/2018
MCR-2010-007 & 2012-002 McFarland Road 6/13/2018
MCR-2014-204 Hampton Road, Turmac Drive, & Turmac Court 5/30/2018
MCR-2014-205 & 2012-206 Randolph Foster Road 4/25/2018
PFP-2015-901 City of Prichard Drainage Improvements 3/28/2018
MCR-2012-304 Pecan, Pine Streets & Watts Lane 9/13/2017
MCR-2004-112 Joan Harris, Jerry Taylor & Frazier Cemetery Roads 8/30/2017
MCR-2012-202 Bohannon Raod and Cleborne Court 8/17/2017
MCR-2010-013 Cottage Hill @ McFarland Road 5/31/2017
MCP-301-15 Leroy Stevens Road Slope & Cross Drain Repairs 5/24/2017
MCR-2014-111 McDougal Rd, Dixie Rd, Ricky Ln (GDBP) 3/22/2017
MCR-2012-207 Mason Ferry Road 2/22/2017
MCR-2012-302(B) Little River Road 1/11/2017
PFP-2016-501 City of Chickasaw Drainage Improvements 12/21/2016
MCP-307-15 Lakewiew Drive E. 11/30/2016
MCR-2012-109 Autry, Brown, Cassidy, and Rogers Drive 11/16/2016
CIP-2013-023 Padgett Switch Road at Two Mile Road 11/9/2016
PFP-2015-501 Blackfoot St., Fourth Ave. & Fifth Ave. 10/26/2016
MCR-2012-308 McSween Dr., Turtle Creek Dr., Viana St. E. & S. 9/28/2016
MCR-2010-307 Davis Rd, Gerbera Dr, & Tillman Dr. 8/17/2016
MCR-2014-110 Timber Ridge Road 6/15/2016
MCR-2012-110 Poe Road East & Poe Road Extension East 6/1/2016
MCP-201-15 Old Howells Ferry Rd Outfall Drainage Improvements 5/11/2016
MCR-2010-109 & 202 Evans Rd. Grade, Drain, Base & Pave 3/16/2016
MCR-2010-204 Boothtown Road 2/24/2016
MCR-2010-010 Dawes Rd at Dawes Ln 2/10/2016
MCR-2012-204 Oak Crest Dr 2/10/2016
MCP-203-15 Celeste Road 1/27/2016
MCR-2012-203 Collier Avenue 1/20/2016
MCR-2004-115(C) Wilson Boulevard 10/7/2015
MCR-2012-305(B) Ranch Road 9/9/2015
MCR-2008-004(A) Schillinger Road North ( Silver Pine Road Intersection) 9/2/2015
MCR-2014-105 Ballard Road and Ben Hamilton Road Extension 7/22/2015
MCR-2012-306 Ridgetop Drive 6/24/2015
MCR-2012-105 Creola Streets GDBP/RRR 6/17/2015
MCP-304-10 Junior Road Outfall Improvement 4/29/2015
MCP-305-10 MCP-305-10 4/15/2015
MCR-2012-205 Hampton Road 3/4/2015
MCR-2010-205 Albert Evans Road 2/11/2015
CDP-315-13 & EDP-316-13 Traffic Capacity Improvements at Hutchens Elementary School 11/19/2014
MCR-2010-310 Patruski Road 11/19/2014
MCR-2010-311 Louis Tillman Road 9/17/2014
MCR-2012-104 Satsuma Streets 7/9/2014
MCR-2010-203 Malone Road 4/23/2014
MCR-2012-305(A) Claudia Lane 3/26/2014
MCR-2004-318 Dees Road-Louis Tillman Road 2/26/2014
MCR-2008-003 Schillinger Road South 2/12/2014
MCR-2012-106 Chickasaw Streets 9/11/2013
MCR-2004-307 Grand Bay Wilmer Road South 7/3/2013
MCR-2010-206 North Woods Drive 9/18/2012
MCR-2004-115(B) Bell Drive & Marshall Street 8/22/2012
MCR-2008-001 Theodore Dawes Road/Schillinger Road South 6/27/2012
MCR-2010-012 Snow Road North @ Wulff Road South 5/30/2012
MCP-203-09 Oaklane Drive 4/25/2012
MCR-2008-306 Patruski Rd. 10/24/2011
MCR-2004-010 Lott Road 10/10/2011
MCR-2004-306 Engineering Cost Estimate Cat Deakle Road 7/14/2011
MCR-2008-304 McGehee Rd, Victor Dr. & Raymon Dr. 1/12/2011
MCP-311-09 Shasta Way Replacement of Bridge #272 9/29/2010
MCR-2004-110 Army Rd. & Old Citronelle Rd. 9/29/2010
MCR-2008-405 Hill St, Allen St, Patrick Rd, Wallace Rd, etc. 9/29/2010
MCR-2004-007 Cottage Hill Road 9/1/2010
MCR-2004-118 Ramey Rd & Tanner Rd 8/18/2010
MCP-302-09 Dawes Lake Road Outfall Improvements 7/14/2010
MCR-2004-111& 121 Weaver Road West and Henry Davis Road Extension 6/30/2010
MCR-2006-010 Cosy Road - Additional Lanes 1/13/2010
MCR-2004-106(B) & 115(A) Satsuma Streets-Bell Drive & Hillton Avenue 12/16/2009
PFP-2008-701 & PFP-2007-904 City of Creola & City of Prichard Streets 11/18/2009
MCR-2004-206 Cuss Fork Rd. & Cuss Fork Loop Rd. 10/21/2009
MCR-2004-119 Railrod St. S. & E., Harvill Rd. N. 10/14/2009
MCR-2004-105 Saraland Streets 9/30/2009
MCP-308-09 Nan Gray Davis Outfall Repair 8/5/2009
MCR-2004-203 Sand Ridge Road 7/22/2009
MCR-2004-312 Diffee, Douglas, High Fort & Sims Roads 7/1/2009
MCR-2008-406/MCR-2000-204 Cleborn & Byrd Cemetary Road 4/11/2009
MCR-2004-009 Hillcrest Road Connector 3/25/2009
MCR-2008-105,107,108, & 205 Street Resurfacing 3/11/2009
MCR-2004-311 Woodland Terrace 3/4/2009
MCR-2004-317 Hi Field Road 2/19/2009
MCR-2004-211(A) Ballpark Drive West 8/15/2007
MCR-2004-308 Todd Acres Dr., Todd Blvd. 6/20/2007
MCR-2000-113 Russell Rd and Old Citronelle Rd 5/30/2007
MCR-2000-309(B) Mose Ln, Mose Ln N 5/2/2007
MCR-2000-205 Elmer Turner Rd, Malone Rd, Sand Ridge Rd 4/25/2007
MCR-2000-317 McCovery Rd, McCovery Rd Ext & Baird Coxwell Rd 3/28/2007
MCP-202-03 Vera Downs Drainage Improvements 2/14/2007
MCP-253-05 Churchill Downs Drainage Improvements 1/31/2007
MCP-272-05 Hugh Fort Rd Drainage Improvements 10/25/2006
MCR-2000-117 Sam Lewis Rd & Meinhardt Loop Rd E & W 10/16/2006
MCR-2000-304 Mill House Dr N/S, Mill House Creek Dr, Newton Dr, Ocoff Ct, Nanette Dr, St Joan Dr, Queen Odella Dr, Queen Odella Dr W, Jeff Glaze Cir 10/11/2006
MCP-247-05 Argyle Rd & Padgett Switch Rd 9/20/2006
MCP-199-03 Henley Rd Drainage Improvements 9/1/2006
MCR-2000-213 Sam Robinson Rd, Section Line Rd, Watts Rd & Guy Williams Rd 6/7/2006
MCR-2000-211 Dykes Rd, Mission Rd, Frank Williams Rd 5/31/2006
MCR-2000-209 Laco Cooper and Howell's Ferry Rd 5/10/2006
MCP-206-03 Fairoak Dr E/Santos Dr W 4/19/2006
MCP-246-05 Snow Rd, Howells Ferry Rd, Leroy Stevens Rd, March Rd 12/21/2005
MCP-212-03 Half Mile Rd and Laurendine Rd 12/21/2005
MCR-4996-116(A) Richard Weaver Rd 12/15/2005
EFP-107-05 Calcedeaver School Parking Lot 12/15/2005
MCR-2004-303 Bayou La Batre Streets 12/7/2005
MCP-245-05 & MCR-2004-114 Spice Pond Rd, Prine Rd, Red Fox Rd, Bear Fork Rd 11/9/2005
MCR-2000-310(A)-MCR-2000-314 McGehee Rd, St. Elmo Cir. & Orchard Dr./Murray Hill Rd. Ext., Murray Hill Dr., Roberson St., Elon St. N. & Elon St. S. 11/2/2005
MCP-078-97 Bay Rd. Outfall 11/2/2005
MCP-237-04 Three Notch Rd @ Meadowlake School 3/16/2005
MCR-2004-314 Hurricane Blvd 3/16/2005
Bid No. Bid Item Bid Date
MCP-311-09 Shasta Way Replacement of Bridge #272 9/29/2010
MCR-2004-106(A) Spat Bridge Replacement 7/19/2006
Bid No. Bid Item Bid Date
MCR-2018-013 Prichard Streets 04/15/2020
MCR-2018-106(A) Prichard Streets Resurfacing 04/04/2020
MCR-2018-302 BAYOU LA BATRE STREETS 02/05/2020
MCR-2018-303 Dauphin Island Streets 11/06/2019
MCR-2018-202 Semmes Street Resurfacing


MCR-2016-202 City of Semmes Street Resurfacing 1/31/2018
MCR-2016-302 Bayou La Batre Streets 10/11/2017
MCR-2016-108 Satsuma Streets 9/27/2017
MCR-2016-106 Prichard Streets 8/30/2017
MCR-2016-104 Creola Streets 7/26/2017
MCR-2014-007 Radcliff Road 2/10/2017
MCR-2014-011 Henry Davis Road 5/25/2016
MCR-2014-010 Ramsey Road (RRR) Project 3/30/2016
MCR-2014-003 Theodore Dawes Road 12/9/2015
MCR-2014-203 Orchard Estates Resurfacing 11/25/2015
MCR-2012-302 - MCR-2014-302 Bayou La Batre Streets 11/4/2015
MCR-2014-303 Dauphin Island Streets 11/4/2015
CIP-2013-019/CIP-2015-002 Gulfcrest Road 10/21/2015
MCR-2014-105 Town of Mount Vernon Streets 8/26/2015
MCR-2014-103 Citronelle Streets 8/19/2015
MCR-2014-102 & MCR-2014-106(A) Chickasaw and Prichard Streets 7/29/2015
MCR-2014-202 City of Semmes Streets 7/8/2015
MCR-2014-104 Creola Streets 7/1/2015

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