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Bid Requirements

Bid Requirements for Typical County Transportation Construction Projects:

All bids must be on blank forms provided in the specifications and submitted in its entirety. 

A cashier’s check drawn on an Alabama bank or a bidder's bond, payable to Mobile County, Alabama, for an amount not less than five percent (5%) of the amount bid, but in no event more than ten thousand dollars ($10,000.00), shall be filed with the bid, as a bid guaranty. The bidder's bond shall be prepared on the form specified and issued by a surety company authorized to do business in the State of Alabama.

A performance bond in the form and terms approved by the County in an amount not less than the contract price will be required at the signing of the contract. 

A labor and materials bond in the form and terms approved by the County in an amount not less than the contract price, insuring payment for all labor and materials, shall also be required at the signing of the contract. 

The contractor must furnish to the County at the time of the signing of the contract a certificate of insurance coverage as provided in the specifications.

A deposit shall be made for each plan set and specifications package that the contractor receives. This deposit shall be refunded in full upon return of the documents in reusable condition within ten (10) days after bid opening.  The cost of and return of additional sets of specifications shall be in accord with Section 39-2-3(b), Code of Alabama (1975).  

No bids will be considered unless the bidder, whether resident or non?resident of Alabama, is properly licensed and qualified to perform the work in accordance with all applicable laws of the State of Alabama.  This shall include evidence of holding a current certificate to engage in general contracting in the State of Alabama, issued by the State of Alabama Licensing Board for General Contractors, Montgomery, Alabama, as required by Section 34-8-2, Code of Alabama (1975).  Any contractor that desires to bid as a prime contractor must have at least one of the following major classifications of license per Section 230-X-1-.27 of the State of Alabama Licensing Board for General Contractors Administrative Code:

b.)  Highways and Streets

c.)  Municipal and Utility

d.)  Heavy and Railroad Construction

Out of state corporations shall furnish a certificate of authority to transact business in Alabama.  Out of state limited liability companies shall provide proof of registration to transact business in this state.

Prior to the award of a competitively bid contract to a contractor having one or more employees in the State of Alabama, Alabama law requires that the contractor provide the County proof of enrollment in E-Verify (see

If applicable to a contract resulting from this bid invitation, the successful bidder must comply with the Mobile County Contractor Felony Investigation Policy, available in the Engineering Department, or by clicking here.

No bid shall be withdrawn for a period of thirty (30) days subsequent to the opening of bids without the consent of the County Commission of Mobile County, Alabama.

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