Mobile County Animal Control

Thank you for visiting the Mobile County Animal Control page. From this page, you can learn about our state-mandated responsibilities, as well as view the many animals available for adoption through our Mobile County Animal Shelter. Click here for Adoptions Page.

The primary responsibility of Mobile County Animal Control is to impound animals roaming at large without a current rabies tag. This is required by Alabama law to protect the health and safety of our citizens as well as the animals. Most of the dogs and cats picked up are abandoned animals left to their own resources to survive on the streets. These animals live in harsh environmental conditions, scavenging for food and subjected to serious illness and injury. We are required to pick up these animals and place them on a seven-day hold that would allow an owner, if there is one, to reunite with them.

A local Dog Control Ordinance, along with a state act, the Mobile County Dangerous Dog Act, also requires county animal control officers to impound animals that are 1.) off-leash and roaming off the properties of their owners, and 2.) to impound animals that have caused severe physical injury; or that have established a pattern of being a nuisance or damaging property.

Animal Control officers also investigate cases of domestic animal abuse and neglect. Often, the reports come in from the public. Officers respond to all cases reported to them. If there is probable cause to believe that an animal is at risk, the officers will immediately open an investigation. These investigations can lead to prosecution by the District Attorney, and it is the job of the Animal Control officers to testify in court about their findings.

About 3,000 animals a year come into the custody of the Mobile County Animal Shelter. Many are the strays that are picked up. But a growing number of the animals are relinquished by their owners who are unable or unwilling to care for them any longer. Unfortunately, there are many more animals abandoned in Mobile County than there are homes to adopt them. Please Opt-To-Adopt! There is no more loving or loyal pet than a shelter animal.