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Mobile County Redistricting

The U.S. Census occurs every 10 years. Once it is completed, the Mobile County Commission is authorized by the State Legislature to redraw its district boundaries to reflect population shifts in the county, as indicated by the Census. Any changes are to take effect before the next Commission election (2024).
Guidelines for redrawing Commission districts state the boundaries shall be contiguous, be as closely sized as possible, comply with the one-person-one vote requirements of the U.S. Constitution, and comply with Voting Rights Act requirements.
Commission district boundaries aim for equal representation at one-third of the County population in each district. The population at the time the current district boundaries were formed was 412,992. The 2020 Census reports Mobile County population at 414,809. Between 2010 and 2020, District 1 lost 10,182 persons, District 2 gained 6,884 persons and District 3 gained 5,115 persons. Therefore, Mobile County Commission boundaries have been redrawn to even out the population in each district. In the new Mobile County Commission boundary map, District 1 will have 138,197 persons, District 2 will have 138,175 persons and District 3 will have 138,437 persons, which represents 0.04% difference between district populations.
Commission representation:
District 1, Commissioner Merceria Ludgood
District 2, Commissioner Connie Hudson
District 3, Commissioner Randall Dueitt
Below is a comparison of the Mobile County Commission’s current map (approved in 2011) and the new map (to be used through 2030). The Mobile County Commission voted and approved the new district map on January 10, 2022. The new map will be in effect beginning with the 2024 Election. 

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