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Environmental Enforcement FAQs

Q. Can I remain anonymous? Yes

Q. If I find illegally dumped garbage should I go through to look for evidence? No. The officers are trained to carefully search and retrieve evidence.

Q: Can I appeal my citation? Yes

Q: How many days do I have to appeal my citation? 14 Days

Q: Who do I contact to remove dead animals from the right of way?  To report a dead animal for removal on a county maintain road call to the office (251) 574-7867. We remove only dogs, cats, coyotes, deer.

Q: How and where can I dispose of liquid paint? Liquid paint can be disposed of placing cat litter or sand inside the can to absorb the paint.  Once the liquid is absorbed, place in household garbage.

Q: How do I report unauthorized burning after hours?  Report all emergencies to 911 or your local fire department

Q: When does the burn ban take effect? Annually; May 1st - Oct. 31st

Q: What are the acceptable/nonacceptable items to burn? ADEM

Q: Does your department service private roads such as the removal of dead animals or litter?  No

Q: What is a junk vehicle? Wrecked, missing parts, unable to drive, expired tags, no insurance and/or broken windows. For a complete definition refer to the Mobile County Junk Control Ordinance.