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Environmental Enforcement

Department of Environmental Enforcement 

The primary responsibility of the Mobile County Environmental Enforcement Department is to enforce the Mobile County Junk Control Ordinance and the Alabama State Litter Laws in the unincorporated areas of Mobile County.  

Environmental Enforcement responds to citizen complaints that allege a violation of the ordinances, laws, and regulations administered by the Department of Environmental Enforcement to determine if a violation has occurred. Environmental Enforcement resolves citizen complaints in a timely manner.


  • Environmental Enforcement Officers investigate complaints regarding illegal dumping of junk and garbage on commercial and residential properties. 
  • The Officers enforce and issue state and civil citations for violating the Mobile County Junk Control Ordinance and Alabama State Litter laws.
  • Investigations started by Officers may lead to prosecution by the District Attorney. It is the job of the Environmental Enforcement Officers to testify in court regarding their findings.
  • Environmental Enforcement removes deceased dogs, cats, coyotes, deer and wild game from County rights of way and requests pet owners to be responsible for the removal of their deceased pets or livestock from the rights of way.
  • The litter crew uses the mechanical Litter Picker to maintain more than 1,000 miles of County rights of way.

Ordinances and Laws

Education and Community Involvement

Environmental Enforcement works with schools and community action groups to bring awareness to the health and environmental concerns associated with illegal littering on the County rights of ways, waterways and the accumulation of litter on private properties. Officers are active in attending community meetings to address the concerns of residents about environmental issues and community outreach involving Operation Clean Sweep, Love Your Community and other anti-litter initiatives.

Hours of Operation

Monday - Thursday 6:00 AM - 4:30 PM 

Closed: On designated County/State/Federal Holidays 
Note**** During closed hours, an Environmental Enforcement Officer is on Stand-by-Duty to respond to any emergency calls. The call must be designated by a law enforcement department. 

  • Unauthorized burning of Garbage
  • Remove large dead animals from the roadway