Mobile County Tobacco Tax Department

Mobile County Tobacco Tax
1150 Government Street Room 112
Mobile, AL 36604
251-574-8599 FAX
[email protected]
Hours: 8am - 4pm

The Mobile County Tobacco Tax Department handles the enforcement and collection of tobacco tax for Mobile County Cigarettes and Other Tobacco Products as well as the tobacco tax for the City of Mobile Cigarette tax.

Mobile County and the City of Mobile began assessing and collection tobacco tax on cigarettes in 1949 and collection of tax on Other Tobacco Products (OTP) began in 2003.

At this time the tax collected for Mobile County is .15 on each pack of cigarettes or little cigars and .11 on each individual cigar, not packaged like cigarettes, wraps, rolling papers, chewing and smoking tobacco and snuff.

Tax is divided as follows:

Other Tobacco Products (OTP)

  • .05 Mobile County Mental Health
  • .01 Mobile Infirmary Mental Health
  • .02 University of South Alabama Cancer Center
  • .03 Mobile County Economic Development Fund


  • .075 Mobile County School Board
  • .075 Mobile County Mental Health

Taxes collected for the City of Mobile on the cigarettes is remitted to the City of Mobile twice each month.

Our department also inventories and sells the tax stamps that are to be applied to the cigarettes for Mobile County and the City of Mobile.

Additional taxes are collected by The State of Alabama for Mobile County School System. Questions regarding those taxes should be directed to the State Revenue/Tobacco Tax Department.

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