Department of Environmental Enforcement


Enforcement of Mobile County Ordinances and State of Alabama laws pertaining to Environmental standards. Inspect private and public property for violations of the Junk Control Ordinance, junk yard regulation, litter and illegal dumping regulations. Enforce traffic laws that pertain to transporting trash, debris and solid waste. Investigate complaints of illegal construction and demolition dumpsites, damage to roads or rights of way, dumping of raw sewage and pollution violations. Also, to obtain and serve search and seizure warrants, write reports, testify before the Board of Review and prosecute cases in court.


Ensure that the public and the regulated unincorporated community maintain compliance with the Mobile County ordinances and Alabama laws and regulations through effective enforcement.


Respond to citizen complaints that allege a violation of the ordinances, laws, and regulations administrated by the Department of Environmental Enforcement to determine if a violation has occurred. Resolve citizen complaints in a timely manner. Implement consistent, unbiased and appropriate enforcement for the ordinances, laws and regulations. Testify before the Board of review and prosecute cases in court. Manage enforcement cases and monitor compliance in the unincorporated area of Mobile County.


1150 Schillingers Road North
Telephone Number: (251) 574-STOP (7867)


  • Enforce complaints regarding: illegal dumps, yards with garbage and junk blighting neighborhoods
  • Issue tickets for litter
  • Educate schools and neighborhoods about littering
  • Work with communities on "Clean Sweeps"
  • Coordinate with Community Corrections on work crews for community and road clean ups


$150.00 per day not to exceed $5000.00 for one violation


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