Mobile County Tobacco Tax Department

Information for Distributors

To establish your account with us please complete the Distributor Application (form MCTT-16) and return to the above address as soon as possible.

Tax on cigarettes is .15 cents per pack for the County of Mobile and .15 cents for the City of Mobile.

Our office collects cigarette tax for the County of Mobile as well as the City of Mobile. We have the option of heat applied rolls with a total of 30,000 stamps per roll for Mobile County $4,500.00 less discount of $120.00 net cost is 4,380.00. Check is to be made payable to Mobile County.

A combo roll is for stores that are in the City of Mobile and its Police Jurisdiction. This is one stamp that covers the tax for Mobile County and Mobile City. Mobile County $4,500.00 less discount of $120.00 net cost is 4,380.00. Check is to be made payable to Mobile County.

City of Mobile $4,500.00 less discount of $150.00 net cost is 4,350.00. Check is to be made payable to City of Mobile.

Please send both checks in one envelope for a combo roll. Stamps order request is form MCTT 7a Combo rolls or MCTT 7b County only rolls.

If your need is for a smaller quantity we also have stick on stamps that we sell by the sheet with 100 stamps per sheet. No discount is allowed on stick-on for orders less than 10,000 stamps.

This office collects taxes for other tobacco products (OTP), chewing tobacco, snuff, smoking tobacco, cigars, little cigars, rolling papers, cigar/blunt wraps. This tax is paid by remitting reports monthly.

Monthly reports are to be filed with this office on the Monthly Report of Wholesale Dealers in Tobacco Products (form MCCT 10 and MCCT 11). Form MCCT 10 is for cigarettes and OPT sold within Mobile County. Form MCCT 11 is just cigarettes sold within Mobile County. Included with the report should be a detailed list of sales for the previous month and the payment of taxes on any other tobacco tax (OTP) sold within Mobile County.

This report is due in our office by the 20th of the month for the previous month's sales.

Reports for the City of Mobile's OTP should be filed and remitted directly to the City of Mobile. For inquires and forms you should contact them at 251-208-7462.

If you have obtained a State of Alabama privilege license you may still need to add Mobile County to that license at a nominal fee. You should contact the license office at 251-574-8561.

If you have any questions regarding any of the above, please do not hesitate to contact our office.

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