EMS takes on new area

August 10, 2018

Mobile County Emergency Medical Services (EMS) will become the primary entity responsible for emergency medical calls outside of Mobile’s city limits beginning next month. Previously, the City of Mobile Fire Rescue Department has responded to calls outside of the city but within the police jurisdiction, which extends three miles outside of Mobile’s city limits. In 2017, approximately 6,100 medical calls were answered within this area, with more than half of those calls coming from the Theodore area.

Mobile County EMS is a non-profit agency that receives two-thirds of its funding from insurance payments. Grants and assistance from the Mobile County Commission make up the balance of its funding. “Mobile Fire Rescue and Mobile County EMS have been working closely to ensure a smooth transition of responsibility and we anticipate reduced emergency call response times because of this change,” explained County Commission President Connie Hudson.

During the County Commission work session on Thursday, City of Mobile Public Safety Director James Barber explained that the modification is being made in order to reduce emergency call response times in Mobile County’s unincorporated areas as well as within the City of Mobile. The Mutual Aid Agreement between Mobile Fire Rescue and other agencies remains in place, and Mobile Fire Rescue will continue to provide backup assistance as needed.

“EMS is gearing up to cover this additional area and is already training newly hired EMTs, paramedics and dispatchers,” said Commissioner Jerry Carl. “Everyone agrees no change will occur until everything is in place to ensure the safety of our citizens.”

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